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What Will I Learn?

  • The basic Arabic grammar
  • Tajweed e Quran
  • Ethics
  • Understanding Ahkaam
  • Meaning of verses
  • Hadith

Learn Tafseer Online:

According to latest Technology we can discover an answer for Every problem Online. So Why Not Learn Tafseer Online. There are many online platforms who give classes for Online Tafseer ul Quran course. You just have to type Online Tafseer Quran course and you will get it.

What is Quran Tafseer?

You will learn the translation and the meaning of the verses, and you will know the reasons why the verses were revealed.Tafseer of the Quran is the most important part of the Quran.

All issues concerning the Islamic way of life are related to it and right utilization of Islam relies upon an authentic understanding of the Quran. Without Tafseer there would be no right understanding of various segments of the Quran. So, Quran Tafseer is a complete clarification and translation for understanding the Message of Allah.

Lughat-ul-Quran Course

The Holy Quran is revealed on our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAW). Its purpose is not just to recite but to interpret it and learn the different aspects of daily life according to Islam. Translation of the Quranic Surahs is easy and understandable. Tafseer e Quran is different from simple translation. It is an in-depth understanding of the Quranic surahs. In Tafseer e Quran course Quranic verses are explained in such manner that make easier to understand the true teaching of Quran. The tutors just only explain the Meaning of the verse but also make comparison with other verses of the Quran to make if more understandable.

The Quran is anultimate message of Almighty Allah. It guarantees accomplishment for individuals in this world and the Hereafter. This Noble Book is a collection of the considerable number of laws of significant learning, great deeds and success of mankind. Today, the Muslims are presented to political, monetary, social and social rot simply because they’ve turned out to be uninformed to the lessons of the Holy Quran. The main answer for change this hopeless state of Muslims is to help us to remember the lessons of the Holy Quran and the Sunnah. An individual can possibly accomplish harmony and satisfaction in his life if he pursues the laws laid by ALLAH ALMIGHTY in The Holy Quran.

ALLAH says:

“And how will you disbelieve (now) while you are (fortunate) ones to whom the Verses of Allah are recited, and the Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace be upon him) is (himself) present among you? And whoever holds fast to (the Embrace of) Allah is most surely guided to the straight path.” (Surah Al-Imran 3, verse # 101)

The Quran isn’t that simple to understand. There are different sections in The Holy Quran which We Cannot understand without any guidance. For that, we need to Learn Tafseer Online.

The word Tafseer is an Arabic word which implies basic clarification or translation. Learning Tafsir Al Quran Online is vital for the comprehension of the Quran claiming. Allah utilizes brief language in the Quran, which might be plainly comprehended by the individuals who are all around grounded in the Arabic language, yet not by the individuals who are not.

Tafseer e Quran is a detailed explanation of the Quran. With the help of This one can easily understand and interpret the meaning of a verse.

Online Quran Tafseer Course” is an online course presented by “Alhamd Islamic Tutors. The online course is mainly dedicated to explaining the meanings of the words of the Holy Quran by the qualified Quran Tafseer tutors.

Why this course?

The Basic Purpose behind learning Tafseer Quran is to find out about Islam and All the guidance and saying of ALLAH about Islam and Muslims. This Course will help you to understand the basics of the Quran and Islam. With the Importance of Tafseer Learning we can understand the importance of its providers too.Student needs a Qualified and Competent Tutor for Learning Tafseer. But in this busy life its very difficult to find one.

Why Us?

We have the best Online Quran Tafseer Tutors who will help you in understanding the Quranic text completely. We Make sure that you are learning the best through this course. Our Online Quran Tafseer Course is for both men and women. we are the most reliable online institute of Islamic learning so if you are in search of a place that meets your Online Quran classes requirement, you are at the right platform. Our teachers are experienced in Online Quran Tafseer course, all of them are Qualified.

We have Different Timing for the Tafseer Quran course you can select any timing according to your ease. And if you still face any issue regarding course timing you can contact our management. Our management is always ready to help you in your problems and provide complete guidance.

People who want to learn and understand the basic knowledge of Islamic legal system with the true Islamic values can take this course. This course in not only for students or researcher. Anyone who want to learn about Islam and Quran can take this course.