Farz-e-Uloom Course


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What Will I Learn?

  • Fundamental of isalm
  • Obligatory
  • Five pillars of Islam
  • Permissible & non-permissible acts
  • Sunnah of Nikkah
  • Precautions for divorce


Farz e Uloom course is a course which helps you to have a deeper grasp over Islamic knowledge and regulations to attain the Islamic way of life.

As being Muslims it is an obligation to us to fulfill all the instructions of Allah SWT in a way in which they are intended to be fulfilled. To fulfill Allah’s command as he instructed we must have to learn small chunks of knowledge required to beautify our deeds. These small pieces of knowledge not only beautifies our deeds but also incorporate a lot of benefits in our Imaan. To know these small pieces of knowledge Alhamd Islamic Tutor has designed a course for Muslims as well as non-Muslims. In Muslims, this course will modify their deeds and in non-Muslims, this course will help them to fulfill their thirst to learn more about Islam. The new Muslims are not aware of the depth of certain acts and believes which will sometime hinder them to fulfill obligations correctly. This course also helps these individuals to learn the basics correctly and perform them well.

Islamic customs and laws.

In this course, we learn the main pillars of Islam and some other basic topics which are basic but imparts huge positions in Islamic customs and laws.

  • Here we learn what comes under the category of farz e Uloom, what are the deeds classified under farz e Uloom. What are the things we must consider so that we can fulfill all the most necessary obligations of Allah regarded as Fariaz?
  • In this course, we cover aqaid related to Allah SWT. What believe we have to nourish and from what we must abide to be on the right path. How the powers and authority that belongs to Allah SWT could be praised and how we fulfill his obligations.
  • Who are the prophets? What they are intended to do? What we must have to believe regarding them? What are their teachings? Etc. are some question frequently arose in our minds. Through this course, one will clear his mind.
  • Still many Muslims are there in the world who practice all the obligations of Allah SWT but don’t know the small things like most often people get confused in farz and wajib etc. After having this course you can classify things as Sunnat farz wajib etc.
  •  Taharat meaning Cleanliness is the most important component of our religion. It’s already known to us that our prophet said

“Cleanliness is half of faith (Sahih Muslim).

  • How we have to clean ourselves? What things will make us unclean? What things are regarded as nijasat? These all things are learned in the section of taharat and nijasat.
  • In a day we have prayers (namaz) five times. For these prayers, we have a recalling as Azaan. The honor and admiration of azan and methods to offer namaz could be learned in the section of namaz and azan.
  • In our religion, some specific rituals are to be followed by us when anyone of our loved ones will die. At that time what we have to do? Must be known to us before the time of need. In one section of this course, we will learn the methods that the Holy Prophet told us related to kafan and namaz janaza.
  • There is a separate section for Hajj (pilgrimage) and Roza (fasting). We must abide by certain things in the condition of Roza and Hajj. Detailed knowledge of such thing and the methods to perform Hajj and Roza properly are learned in the section of Hajj and Roza.
  • One of the pillars of Islam is zakat to generate equality among nations. There are certain specific persons and certain specific conditions to whom we are allowed to give zakat. This discrimination among people for eligibility for Zakat could be learned in the zakat portion of this course.

We just have to learn these small but very important basics in order to live our lives according to Allah SWT obligations and commands demonstrated to us by our Holy Prophet SAW. This will not only help us in this life but also in the life hereafter. In Quran Allah SWT said

“Allah loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves” (Quran 2:222).