Farz Uloom Course

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    Detailed Essential Sharai Masail Course

    Alhamd Islamic Tutor has always been a leading religious Institute for the preaching of Holy Quran and sacred Sunnah. Time and again different Islamic campaigns and programs are arranged for Islamic brothers And Sisters from the platform of Alhamd Islamic Tutor.
    NOW We Are Offering a Course named “Fard Uloom Course” of spreading obligatory Islamic knowledge.The course is full of mandatory Islamic knowledge.

    FARZ ULOOM COURSECourse consists of Topics:

    1.Basic tenets of our faith (Aqidah)- ,Knowledge of  the  attributes of Almighty Allah , and Prophets and Messengers of Allah, Angles(Mala’aaikah), Gennies (jinnat), paradise (jannat)and hell (jahannum), grave ,day of judgment, knowledge of destiny(takdeer) .

    2. Masail-e-Fiqh- rules of ablution (wuzu) bathing (Ghusl), fundamentals of Salah (i.e. pre- conditions, requirements and acts that invalidate it), basic rulings regarding fasting, zakat and its obligations, matter of marriage (nikah) and Divorce (talaq)..

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