Qaida Tul Quran Course


Since our native language is not Arabic therefore in order to learn other languages we must try hard, similarly to Recite Quran we first need to built awareness of Arabic Language therefore we could make our mind “How to learn Quran

As we know that Quran is rhetorical language in the universe and its pronunciation is very different than other languages this is why it is necessary to read Quran with its proper grammar, syntax and morphology

Therefore “Al Hamd Islamic Tutor” has designed a course to recite Quran with its correct Pronunciation and morphology in which student will be taught correct morphology and Pronunciation of Quran. Basically this course will be taught according to our “Qaida Book” which consists of 30 lessons

The detailed of this course is as follows:

  • The first four lessons are designed to recognized Quranic Letters.
  • The following 6 lessons are designed to recognized Arabic letters with their movements.
  • The next 7 lessons are designed about Arabic Pronunciation.
  • The next 3 lessons are about to read a Quranic Verse with letters.
  • The last 2 lessons are about to read a Quran with complete verse

Al Hamd Islamic Tutor through this course has successfully taught Quran with its correct pronunciation to hundreds of students

If you are willing to learn Quran with its pronunciation from Al hamd Islamic Tutor so do not wait and get yourself registered and make yourself among those who read Quran with is exact pronunciation

Fee Structure

PlanDurationClass Per WeekClass Per MonthUSA/Canada$ (Per Month)Pound £ (Per Month)Euro (Per Month)
A30 min as maximum2
8$ 20£ 16€ 18
B30 min as maximum312$ 30£ 24€ 27
C30 min as maximum520$ 50£ 40€ 45
D30 min as maximum624$ 60£ 48€ 54
Wee kEnd30 min as maximum28$ 40£ 30€ 35
Wee kEnd1 hour as maximum28$ 60£ 48€ 55