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  • Aqaid e Islam
  • Namaz
  • Taharat
  • Duaen
  • Kalimas
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Islamiyat For Kids Courses

Teaching the Islam to your children can be a daunting prospect! Where do we go? How do we teach things? When they begin studying the various Islamic sciences, how do we hold the enthusiasm and their passion. What are the best available online services to support the parents?

We are Excellent online teaching academy for children with simple Islamic values. Our online course offers our students highly trained teachers with one-on – one (separate) classes. We also provide all compulsory Islamic education online from basic to advanced level.


Our Aqaid course covers the essentials of Aqidah such as:

1- Belief in ALLAH

2- Belief in the angels

3- Belief in the Islamic holy books

4- Belief in the prophets and messengers

5- Belief in the Last Judgment and Resurrection

6- Belief in predestination.


The word Tajweed means’ proficiency’ or’ doing something good.’ When applied to the Quran it means giving its rights and dues to any letter of the Quran. When we recite the Quran and follow the rules that apply in various circumstances to each letter, we give the letter its right and by following the basic characteristics of each letter, we give it its due.


Namaz is the main way in which Muslims worship ALLAH Almighty. Salah is one of Islam’s five most powerful pillars. ALLAH Almighty has stated many times the advantages and importance of Salah in the Holy Quran. In this course, you will learn the following subjects. Rules and Regulations for Offering Prayer Sunnah For Salah When you can Break the Salah etc


In the Quran, Allah (swt) strongly stressed Taharah. Body and cloth purification are known as taharah. Prophet (saw) said, “Cleanliness is half of faith. You’ll know Wudhu, Ghusl, Tayamum’s Fard (obligatory) acts etc.


Memorizing the Quran means learning it by heart. We have a good online system for memorizing the Holy Quran. We Have a Excellent methods for memorizing the Quran.

1-New lesson (every day)

2- Revision of newly memorized Lessons

It is the number of verses you have memorized in the last seven days of the Holy Quran.


The six kalimas are recorded in various knowledge books and recited by people around the globe. We’ve put these kalimas together for kids to memorize and understand the fundamentals values of a Muslim.


One should always pray for all one’s needs to ALLAH Almighty. Our blessed Prophet has taught us several special prayers at various times of night and day. He also Taught us some occasional Duas like, Dua when you wake up, when you get up to bed, before your dinner or when you eat meals, when you get stuffed, when you get into the mosque and come out, when you go in and out, when you go to the bathroom and get out of it, when you dress and look in the mirror. Once you get to eat you get stuffed.


The Holy Prophet (SAW) said: “Whosever held my Sunnah dear, held me dear whosever held me dear will be with me in Paradise. (Tirmidhi). May Allah Almighty grant us the strength to take the footsteps of our beloved Prophet (Ameen). In this course, we will teach different sunnah’s. Sunnah related to Drinking water, food and so on.


Children’s tarbiyah is important in Islam. Tarbiyah is very important for kids to follow Islam within the right way. Therefore, some Islamic scholars examine these tarbiyah details more closely than other scholars.

Aqaid e Islam



Rasool Allah

Adab e Quran


Quran with Tajweed


Huroof e Mustalia

Haroof e Muqattaat

Haroof e Qalqalah





Sharait e Namaz

Faraiz e Namaz

Makrooh e Namaz

Sunnatain e Namaz





Pak e napak



6 kalma With Translation

Dua Iman e Mufassal

Dua Iman e Mujmal



Sunnah of Drinking Water

Sunnah of Eating

Sunnah of Talking

Sunnah of Wudu



Dua Before Sleeping

Dua Before Eating

Dua After Waking up

Dua Entering Washroom

Dua e Wazu

More 20+ Duas