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Hamza Ahmed

Islamic Tutor

In this world, providing Quran education to the children is a big problem for parents. They either can’t hire the Quran teachers, or they don’t have any tajweed teachers near their homes, so they don’t make their children Quran literate. With all these issues in mind, we’re here to help. We have a group of trained tutors and we are one of the well-established Online Quran academy.

About Our Tutor:

We believe a good tutor is very important to help students in learning successfully. Hamza Ahmed Saddiqui is one of our Best Quran Teacher and he is passionate about teaching The Holy Quran. He is an excellent instructor and enthusiastic about tutoring the Quran Classes.

Qualification and Experience:

He has completed Intermediate in Islamic Studies and done

Hifz ul Quran,

Dars e Nizami (Islamic Scholar)

Takhasus fil fiqh(mufti e Islam) Courses

He has been teaching Quran for seven years, and from the past four years, he is teaching the Quran with Alhamd Islamic Tutors. He can teach Recitation, Hifz, Tajweed, and Aalim Course. He has taught many students around the world.

Teaching Methodology:

He Offers One to one class for teaching The Holy Quran. His method of teaching in the class is very helpful. He makes sure the student can easily talk about learning difficulties and how to improve them. The online learning Facility is available throughout the day. Therefore, whenever a student wants to learn the Quran, he’s always there to teach them and make sure they learn as quickly as possible. Whether you want to learn Qaida, Tafseer, Translation, or memorize the Quran, He’s always willing to help you.

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