Necessity of Reading Quran with Tajweed

Necessity of Reading Quran with Tajweed


Quran is the word of Allah that He has sent to us for the betterment of mankind and to guide at every step of life. Quran has told us the way to lead an organized life. It covered all the rules, recommendations and regulations about every aspect of life. Being important, Quran must be written, recited and read clearly and correctly, so prevent any sort of misunderstanding and mistakes.

Allah SWT said in His book The Holy Quran

Recite the Quran as it is ought to be recited.

Quran listening has its essence and pleasure everyone can feel it if he understands what’s being recited or not it creates a pleasing atmosphere over the minds of listeners. To recite Quran in prayers 5 times a day is an obligation over Muslims so there is an intense need of learning the Quranic rules of recitation.

Allah SWT said in His book The Holy Quran;

Those to whom we have given the Book recite it the way it should be recited, they are the ones who believe in it.

To learn these rules and specifications needed to recite Quran, Alhamd Quran tutor provide qualified Quran teachers. Such qualified Quran teachers will help you to learn these rules and regulations and recite Quran properly without mistakes.

What is Tajweed?

the Literal meaning of The Arabic word tajweed is Tehseen meaning ‘to beautify something’. Linguistically tajweed means to do something well or proficiency. When this word is applied to Quran, it means to read every word present in Quran with the proper rights and regulations. Not even word every letter has some specific rules in specific situations that needed to be fulfilled.

Quran was revealed with rules of tajweed. When Hazrat Jibrael A.S. recited the Holy Quran in front of our beloved prophet PBUH, he recited the Quran with all the rules and showed our prophet the methods to recite the Quran in which recitation of the Quran was permissible. So it becomes obligatory upon us to fulfill all these rules and recite the Quran In a way in which it is advised. In the era of our beloved prophet PBUH, it’s not needed for the people to study these rules as these rules are the same as the rules of the language they use to communicate means they talk with tajweed. When Islam spread and the Arabs got mixed with the non-Arabs then the problem arises in the recitation of the Quran which has to be fixed. Quran is the word of Allah so its recitation must be taken very seriously. To fix the problem in recitation the scholars started to make records of these recitation rules, the Tajweed rules. but now as the Arabic used to communicate nowadays is not that Arabic and so the rules also changed for today’s language everyone has to learn these rules we also are not aware of the language so we are not able to know the rules that are tajweed rules that is why we have to learn these tajweed rules to recite the Quran in permissible and elegant way.

Our beloved prophet PBUH said:

Beautify the holy Quran with your beautiful voices, definitely beautiful voices enhance the Holy Quran’s beauty.

What is the ruling of Tajweed?

Every letter in the Arabic language has some specific originating point or articulation point and an exit point known as Makhraj also every letter possesses specific characteristics or specific attributes known as Sifaat. Knowing the Makhraj and Sifaat is very important for the recitation of the Holy Quran. Sometimes two letters in Quran may have the same Makhraj which creates difficulty in pronunciation of the letter and a person may mix the pronunciation of the two if he doesn’t know the Makhraj and so the meaning would be changed. Knowing the Makhraj and Sifaat of a letter prevents a person from making mistakes while recitation.

There are two forms of mistakes;

  1. Clear mistakes: the mistakes that generate an obvious change and so the meaning of word changes. They are related to mispronunciation of the Quranic words. These are punishable as they change the meaning of Allah’s word.
  2. Hidden mistakes: that are not so obvious and a person must need to study tajweed rules. For example, if according to rules a person has to stop but the person is not stopping.

These rules as described above are very crucial to study, but there is no need to worry that where you are going to study these regulations as Alhamd Quran tutor have a group of qualified Quran teachers who can let you learn these rules and beautify your recitation and prevent yourself from the punishment of Allah SWT.


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