1. How can I register?

Please go to our registration page and fill registration form then We will contact you soon via E-mail or phone.


2. Does online teaching work?

Yes offcors, it is very effective, since it provides one on one dedication to each student, and there are so many student those are learnig online difrent subject . online teaching is very helpfull, sepcially for those student who can not go out of town and ,city because of unaviliblity of islamic teachings and busyness of job.


3. What if i am not computer expert?

You do not need any computer expertise to take lessons, only basic familiarity with computer and internet is enough for you just using, skyep(ait.online), teamviewer and pdf file are enough, that will be assisting you through the basic installation of the software and operating, and INSHA ALLAH our I.T depart will assist you in installation of the software and operating.


4. Do I need to buy or download my course materials?

NO. aftter rigstraion we will provide u each and avery cours materials free of cost.


5. This is my first day. How I will start my lesson?

After you have registered, your teacher will inform you via Skype or phone on how to get started.


6. What if I am waiting online and my teacher is not there?

Al-hamd islamic tutor.com has a very strict policy to follow the shedule timings. Please, call us on the number provided or send an email to admin@alhamdislamictutor.com. Please, you can call us on our official Skype ID.


7. How i pay fees?

We accept PayPal,Pioneer and all major credit and debit cards you can pay your fee through them.


8. Is there any offline payment method?

Yes, you can make payment with Bank transfer, Check, Money Order and Western Union and moneygram.


9. What if I want to cancel my classes?

If you are going to cancel your subscription, please inform us before 1 month.