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What You’ll Learn in Quran Tajweed Course

Phase # 1

Phase # 2

  • Harakat & Tanween
  • Huroof-e-Maddah
  • Huroof-e-Leen
  • Khari Harkat

Phase # 3

  • Rules of Waqf & Waqf
  • Learning of Namaz
  • Learning 10 Surah
  • Kalima & 20 Dua


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Contact our team and Get Special Discount

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"My Son had a bit of stutter in conversation due to which he lack confidence, I am very thankful to Alhamd Islamic Tutor who refined my son speaking powers by reciting Quran on daily basis, now my is feeling is confidence and getting bold as well."

Student Mother, UK

"I am very satisfied with the services of Alhamd Islamic Tutor as my son was travelling to mosque to recite Qur’an, but now he is reciting the Qur’an by professional Quran teachers through internet, and he does not have to travel anywhere."

Student Father, Dubai

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