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This course will not only teach you the method of performing your daily 5 time Namaz a day but also all Wajib , Sunnat and Nawafil for particular time. Like: Namaz e Eid, Namaz e Janaza, Namaz e Jumma, Namaz-e-Tahajud, Namaz-e-Ishraq, Namaz-e-Chaasht and Namaz-e-Awabeen.

Fee Structure

Plan DurationClass Per Week Class Per Month USA/Canada$ (Per Month) Pound £ (Per Month) Euro (Per Month)
Group1 hour 312$ 100 £ 60€ 75
Indivisual 1 hour 312$ 140£ 85€ 105
Week End1 hour 28$ 110 £ 64€ 80