Namaz and Dua Course


Namaz is one of the main pillars of Islam, and it is obligatory to offer Namaz five times a day. One of the main topics on which the Quran has emphasized more than anything else is the offering Namaz. Namaz aims to bring us into touch with our Lord; to deepen our relationship with Him; to be grateful for all His blessings, and to remember His greatness.



The course will encourage the students to conduct their Salah according to the method taught by Allah Almighty and his Prophet. The offering of Namaz has great worldly and spiritual benefits. Some of the advantages include:

  • Unity lesson 
  • Protection Against evil 
  • Make us humble 
  • Wash away the sins

Dua is the conversation with Almighty Allah. This act of doing Dua has the greatest importance. Dua is the purest form of worship. Through dua, we recognize our weaknesses and ask Allah (SWT) for help.

There are many acts of worship in Islam, but Salat is one of the main obligations of a Muslim. Namaz has a great deal of importance in our lives that we should all know.

We offer Salah five times a day, and Namaz times are set according to the movements of the sun. Five times the names of the namaz are:

  1. Fajr
  2. Zuhar (Duhr)
  3. Asar
  4. Maghrib
  5. Isha

For the worshippers, each namaz or salah has a different sense and value. In Namaz Course, you will also learn how to perform wudu and ghusl. The following step must be followed.

  • Intention
  • Say Bismillah
  • Begin by Washing your Hands
  • Rinse mouth
  • Cleaning the nose
  • Wash your face
  • Wash your arms
  • Perform Masha

Just like Wudu, Ghuslalso has numerous steps.

  • Intention for purification
  • Wash private parts
  • Make Wudhoo’s (ablution) like the Wudhoo’s made for Salah. 
  • Pour water first on the right and then on the left side.
  • Pour water over the head and cover the whole body with water. 
  • Wash the feet before the end of the Ghusl.

If you do not have how to perform Namaz accurately, then don’t worry; this namaz course will also guide you on how you can perform Namaz. First, you must make sure the wudu was made correctly then you can go ahead and start praying salah. Here are the Salah steps:

  • Standing
  • Takbir
  • Fatiha – Recitation
  • Ruku – Bowing
  • Sujud – Prostration
  • Tasha had – Sitting

It is essential to recognize the steps of the salah that the prayer is made up of rakah, or units of prayer. Each rakah has the same necessary steps inside.

  • Here’s a part when you’re standing
  • A part where you’re reciting from the Quran
  • Apart from when you’re bowing
  • Apart from when you’re making sujud

For a Muslim, Masnoon Duas also matter. We must have to learn the Masnoon Duas. For every single reason, Masnoon Duas are recited, for example, dua for bedtime, dua before a meal, dua for sneezing, dua for going out of the house, dua for iftar, dua for sehri, dua for protection etc.

You will also learn 6 kalimas in this course. It is obligatory for every Muslim to read, understand and believe in the kalma of Islam. Kalma is the very first thing that separates the Muslim from the other, for the believer of kalma must know that the creator of mankind, the creator of this world and from whom this world is created, and the Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) is the last messenger of Allah who has all the knowledge of Allah for the Muslim to spend his life in this world.

Duration 30 min as maximum
Class Per Week Class 2
Class Per Month 8
USA/Canada$ (Per Month) $ 45
Pound £ (Per Month) £ 35
Euro (Per Month) € 40