Guidance of Islam Course for Newly Muslims

Course for Newly Muslims

Course Code: SGC

This course is designed for newly brothers and sisters to learn about Faith and deeds. In this course, we will teach them about: ALLAH, PROPHET MUHAMMAD ( صلى الله عليه وسلم), JANNAT, DOZAKH, MLAIKA, JUDGEMENT DAY and NAMAZ, WADHU, GUS AL, ZAKAT, HAJJ.

Fee Structure

PlanDurationClass Per WeekClass Per MonthUSA/Canada$ (Per Month)Pound £ (Per Month)Euro (Per Month)
Group1 hour312$ 100£ 60€ 75
Indivisual1 hour312$ 140£ 85€ 105
Week End1 hour28$ 110£ 64€ 80