Aqaid e Islam Course

Course Overview:

Aqaid-e-Islam Program presents the essentials of the Islamic Creed while clarifying usual misconceptions and components that can damage one’s beliefs. We will explore the five pillars of faith that develop the building blocks of the Islamic Creed and specify on the concept of Lordship as well as we will certainly likewise talk about signs of the end of time as well as the day of judgment. The influence of the Islamic Creed on a Muslim’s life is more reviewed while having a comparative sight of standard beliefs underpinning other faiths.

Aqaid e Islam Course

Learning Objectives:

Define and explain basic concepts of confidence, belief, and worship Day of Judgment. Describe the principles of Islamic creed, it’s importance in their lives and the significance of researching it. Articulate the 5 columns of Islam, as well as why the testimony of belief is the first and central idea. Discuss the principle of Divine Will as well as Mandate. Illustrate the classifications of Tawheed with textual proofs and supply examples of each classification. Describe exactly how all the classifications of Tawheed are required for proper prayer. Describe the Signs of Hour as well as Day of Judgement. Explore each group of Tawheed while recognizing their antithesis Shirk. Establish standard knowledge and identify a few of the common mistaken beliefs as well as misstatements related to Tawheed. Capability to compare Islamic creed with the creed of various other magnificent religious beliefs.

Course Contents:

  • Belief in Allah (SWT)
  • Faith in ‘Uluhiyyah’ (Worship)
  • Belief in ‘Asma Was-Sifat’ (Names and Attributes)
  • Difference between Sects
  • Belief in Angels and Divine Books
  • Belief in Prophets and Messengers
  • Faith in the Day of Judgement
  • Belief in life after death
  • The reason and Invalidation of Iman
  • Signs before the Day of Judgement
  • The interim world (Barzakh) & Punishment of the Qabr
  • The Resurrection & Description of the Day of Judgement
  • The explanation of Hell
  • The Identification of Prophesized Imam Mahdi
  • The description of Paradise
  • Identification of Hazrat Essa
  • Importance of Taqleed
  • What is Tassawuf?
  • What is Wilayat o Karam?
  • Who is Yajooj Majooj?
  • The Beast of the Earth (Daba-Tul-Kharooj)
  • Signs Of The Hour
  • Signs of the Day of Judgment.

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Fee Structure

PlanDurationClass Per WeekClass Per MonthUSA/Canada$ (Per Month)Euro (Per Month)
Pound £ (Per Month)
Indivisual1 hour312$ 100€ 90
£ 85
Group1 hour312$70€ 65
£ 60
Week End1 hour28$ 80€ 75
£ 70