40 Hadith Course Online

40 Hadith Course

Memorizes Forty Hades Of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him).

hadith 40 Course

Whosoever memorizes and preserves for my people forty hadith relating to his religion, Allah will resurrect him on the Day of Judgment as a jurist and religious scholar.

[narrated from Ibn `Abbās, Anas and Abu Hurairah (R.A)]

This course is designed as a short course to memorizes and understand Prophet’s Hades for Daily Basic Islamic practice.

Fee Structure

PlanDurationClass Per WeekClass Per MonthUSA/Canada$ (Per Month)Pound £ (Per Month)Euro (Per Month)
A30 min as maximum2
8$ 20£ 16€ 18
B30 min as maximum312$ 30£ 24€ 27
C30 min as maximum520$ 50£ 40€ 45
D30 min as maximum624$ 60£ 48€ 54
Wee kEnd30 min as maximum28$ 40£ 30€ 35
Wee kEnd1 hour as maximum28$ 60£ 48€ 55