Learning The Holy Quran Online Along With Its Proper Tajweed

Learning & Understanding Quran Online With Us:

As the modern era is kicking off, online learning and understanding of things are merely getting much easier for people around the globe. Technology has advanced at such a pace that almost everything is under the control of our fingertips. Today’s humans can learn or understand everything online whether it’s related to studies, religion, or personal projects. Everything’s a global village now !! 

Same as learning the Holy Quran online. Many platforms are offering various online Quranic courses with different vast studies but when learning the Holy Quran online, one focuses on the accuracy and credibility of the instructor and the organization.

We, the Al Hamd Islamic Tutor offer this accuracy & credibility to our students, who can learn and understand the Holy Book along with the proper usage of tajweed. From reading the Quran for beginners to understanding the Quran for adults, our instructors specialize in all assets and convert the knowledge to our students through our online Quranic courses with tajweed.

About The Al Hamd Islamic Tutors:

We, the Al Hamd Islamic Tutors are a part of Al Hamd Quranic Academy that has been providing online Quranic teachings to people all over the globe. Our organization offers tuition facilities to those students and adults who don’t have access to easy and accurate Quranic teachings. By our teachings and readings, we ensure to provide the treasures of accuracy and credibility to our students. Students from all over the globe can join our online learning courses, whereas our online Quran classes take place in the UK, USA, and various other spots.

Our Courses:

We offer a variety of Islamic courses from beginner-level short courses to specialized adult-level Tafseer. Al Hamd Islamic Tutors expertise in teaching the students online where are professionally trained scholars teach courses from basic level to advanced level.

We offer certified courses in topics like Nazra, Memorizing Quran, Learning Quran with Tajweed, Farz Uloom Course, and many more. One may enroll and hook info about our certified courses by visiting www.alhamdislamictutor.com/courses/. 

An Outline Of Quran Tajweed Course:

Outline Of Quran Tajweed CourseUnderstanding and memorizing the Qaida is an important asset for beginners who are understanding and reading the Quran. Thus we offer the complete Qaida Ul Quran course where we ensure that a student completely understands the Qaida and implements it in their practical life. The course includes:

  • Arabic alphabets & their proper pronunciation
  • Letter recognition
  • Letter positions
  • Connecting letters
  • Short vowels (Harakat)
  • Long vowels (Huroof Maddah)
  • Sukoon
  • Tanween
  • Letters of Leen
  • Rules of Noon Sakinah & Tanween
  • Rules of Raa
  • Rules of Laam
  • Noon Qutni
  • Waqf (proper pausing & stopping)

The Proper Accuracy With Tajweed:

The literal meaning of the Arabic word “Tajweed” is “proficiency”. Tajweed refers to reciting the Holy Quran correctly without any errors. Many Islamic scholars suggest the people read Quran with tajweed so that the context and literal meanings can’t be differed or changed.

Various mosques and Islamic centers offer these services but due to the outspread of tech, one may consider availing of these services online that can benefit them fully.

The Tajweed Ul Quran Course:

The teaching of Tajweed in a proper way with proper guidance is not an easy task but we offer the Tajweed Ul Quran course with easy access and complete accuracy. This course is divided into the period of 1 year where for the first 4 months, para 1 to 9 are covered. In the next 4 months, para 9 to 18 are covered, and subsequently, in the last 4 months, para 18 to 30 are winded up.

This Tajweed Ul Quran course is further divided into several modules that include the benefits of learning Tajweed, knowledge of Sifaat, heavy & light letters, Qalqala, letter RAA rules, memorization of short surahs, exercises based on practices, and many more.

Enroll With Our Courses:

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Teachings Of Nazra & Hafiz e Quran :

Many institutions offer Nazra & Hafiz e Quran teachings and short and long-term courses but the Al Hamd Islamic Tutors guarantee their students the proper range of Islamic content where they may find courses from learning the Quran for beginners to advanced courses like Tafseer Quran course. Besides this, accuracy and credibility with the recognized certified courses to our students are our first offered priority. One can complete a certified course from our esteemed institution and can use the certificate of completion at various places.

Tutors Working With Us:

Online learning and understanding of the Holy Book with proper Tajweed is not everyone’s possibility. This topic requires vast research and studies which we ensure to give our students through our well-recognized courses. Our Islamic scholars and tutors are highly recognized scholars that specialize in certain domains. Moreover, they have adequate knowledge about various languages by which they can communicate easily with international or local students. Besides this, our tutors specialize in the proper use of Tajweed, rules, and regulations, and methods of recitations !! 

Fee Structures:

One can visit the courses page and can choose the course of their choice to proceed with. Our fee structure for various students around the globe includes :

Fee Structure

Plan DurationClass Per Week Class Per Month USA/Canada$ (Per Month) Pound £ (Per Month) Euro (Per Month)
A30 min as maximum 2
8$ 20 £ 16€ 18
B30 min as maximum 312$ 30 £ 24€ 27
C30 min as maximum 520$ 50 £ 40€ 45
D30 min as maximum 624$ 60 £ 48 € 54
Wee kEnd 30 min as maximum 28$ 40 £ 30 € 35
Wee kEnd 1 hour as maximum 28$ 60 £ 48 € 55